Drip Drop

Drip Drop. Yup, that's the sound I'm currently making. If you happen to come across a beige puddle it might be me, melted away. It's so damn hot outside right now. I have no idea where this heat came from all of a sudden. Not 2 weeks ago I was almost freezing to death on Walpurgis night and now I'm slowly melting away.
 The last couple of days I've been wearing my hair up in a pony tail. I can never quite decide if a pony tail makes me feel like a child, a sassy sporty teenager or just very high fashion. I think I go through every phase during a pony tail day...
 My new necklace from ASOS. I do browse the men section simply because There are always some really nice accessories that you won't find at the ladies section. And sometimes I order stuff like tank tops or t-shirts also since I have quite a long back. This necklace is so nice, it actually opens and I can fit one chewing gum in there for emergencies. I have a habit of always chewing gum when I'm out on the town or working.
The warm weather has forced me to take very late runs. I just can't stand the warmth and I'm afraid direct sunlight and my skin tone doesn't go that well together. Part of my standard 5k run is over a very long bridge and this was the view tonight. I just love sunsets over water... and bridges. When I was a teenager I used to hang out at a bridge during sunset with my cousin. Good times.


Werewolf's Eyes

I'm currently listening an awful lot to this. It's just so beautiful. Sweet and dark and haunting.



Oh my. What a week! I've had so much to do all week long. I'm pretty much exhausted. Tonight I slept for over 12 hours straight. Really.
I've been working, painting, going to shows and plays, had 2 full days of shopping and sightseeing with my father and on wednesday I had a shoot for Swedish Elle Magazine.
yes, that's right. A shoot for Elle! Wearing a gown by Jean Paul Gaultier!
It's so insane I almost can't believe it. This was my first proper modeling experience, and I got to do Gaultier... I Think I need to pinch myself yet again.
 When I got the message that I had the shoot coming up in a couple fd days I thought well, it's Gaultier but it's probably not the really fancy stuff. When I got to the studio I saw the sheets with what they had planned everyone to wear and saw that everything was from his last RTW Collection, the one paying tribute to loads of 80's Icons. Everything except my dress. I was supposed to wear an absolutely stunning floral tulle piece that closed his 06 S/S RTW.
This was another dress during the shoot. I just love how the embroidery looks like old tattoos. The embroidery was done with the tiniest of silk threads on such a sheer material I was afraid of tearing it by mistake just by tuching it.
 Me in the dress. It showed off all those curves that I usually do my best to hide and even gave me some more but it was ok since it was such an amazing dress. I felt like a decadent nymph.
This is how the dress looked on the runway, worn by the absolutely stunning Crystal Renn.


Warm Rays

I'm so happy about the spring right now. Today I Went out for a walk and the sun felt positively warm on my face and on my back. Spring is probably my favourite season, just because it's getting warm but the air still has that chill in it that makes you appreciate the sun all the more.
 The flowers are coming up. These had a blue hue, no idea what they are. Where I grew up not many flowering plants can grow, and absolutely non this early in the year. Sometimes I forget how far away from home I live now, and how different the places are when it comes to the climate. I was really reminded about that today. There were all sorts of spring flowers popping up in peoples yards, and the orchards I passed smelled of thawed, fermented apples. That's also something I never Think I'll get used to. Fruit trees. They are everywhere here, and people don't even harvest their fruit. Coming from a Place where no fruit trees will ever grow I'm left in shock each autumn as I see fruit get old on the trees and rot on the ground. So many of these earthly treasures taken for granted and forgotten.
I took out my hat today. I've not been wearing it since the snow started falling last year. feathers and snow don't go together that well. or they do in nature but I'm no bird, I forget to preen the feathers.
I love my hat...
I just hope the temperature rises a lil' bit more so I can start running again. I really love to run, and I usually run like every second day but not during the Winter. The chilly air makes my asthma flare up like a mofo and I refuse to wear a "snout". I've been keeping busy with yoga but my legs are really starting to itch for a run.



I like fashion. There is no denying that. I also like photographs of fashion. Fashion stories from Vogue or those little lookbooks that brands put together to promote their new collections and the feel behind them. This is from one of those little lookbooks. Sisters of the Black Moon has a new collection of basic, draped blacks called Disir. I love it. I love the clothes, but perhaps even more I love the photos. I love the dreamy yet real feel in the pictures. I love the shapes and the fact that they've dared to keep many things that nowadays are never seen after post-productio (photoshopping).Like the models facial texture, the lines and crinkles her flesh makes and the somewhat bony ribcage. A beautiful body in beautiful clothes.



 This is a sweater post. I love sweaters, big black things that I can feel snug and cocooned in. sweaters that I can pull over my hands and fiddle with the hems and stitches on. Yep, I'm a sweater girl, and I have a new sweater love. It's called Bateman and is from the somewhat awesome brand "The Ragged Priest"
It's trashed almost beyond recognition, cropped and black, and it's perfect. It's in a really nice material, sweatshirty but very soft, almost velvety on the inside, so it's still warm even if it's not much left of it. And it has a really nice name. A slashed sweater with the same name as the main character in American Psycho? I find that fun... I'm macabre.


Oil Slick

I've wanted a lipstick from Urban Decay for years. Yes, years. problem is, you can't buy UD in Sweden, and for some reason I've never gotten around ordering it online. A couple of weeks ago I did and e voila!
The shade is called Oil Slick, and it's just like that, a sheer slick of black oil with a slight silver glitter that gives a result somewhat close to my favourite lipgloss of all time; Lancome's Piha. Sadly that one was very limited so I'm only using mine at very special occasions.
I love how it mutes the colours of my lips, looking slightly gothic but not as hard as a black lipstick does.
I will probably take a better picture whenever I can find that damn camera charger...